Monday, January 7, 2013

MERCHANT CASH ADVANCE For Small Business Owners!

Find Out The Best Way To Get Funding For Your Business!


"Merchant Cash Advance is an alternative to traditional methods of business funding. we recognize that traditional bank financing is difficult and time ... MERCHANT-CASH-ADVANCES...
Bankers have a tendency to look at past credit history instead of focusing on the future potential of a business. How Does It Work?
Working Capital program that is simple. Get paid today for a small portion of your future credit card transactions. As Visa and MasterCard credit card sales are made, you repay us a small fixed percentage of those sales.
Payments are proportionate with your cash flow until funding is repaid. We give you an uncomplicated, straightforward, and no-hassle way to leverage your greatest asset - FUTURE CREDIT CARD SALES.
If your business accepts credit cards, we will advance you up to $100,000 or more of working capital.
What Can I Use The Money For? Expansion Equipment Renovations Inventory New Product Lines Advertising / Marketing Recruiting New Employees Consolidation Emergencies Rent Business Expenses Taxes and more.."
Get the right information you need to make an informed decesion about your working capital needs for your business! Google Plus –

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