Sunday, November 24, 2013

Merchant Cash Advance Here! + More News: Merchants Get Cash Fast + MORE 11/25/2013

What Is The Principle Behind Business Merchant Cash Advances? – Click Here For Info!

Merchant Cash Advances works in the same manner as that of invoice factoring. The process of invoice factoring involves selling of sales ledger or a specific part of the sales ledger to a group of lenders or individual lender. It provides immediate cash to the company and the sales lender gets paid when the pending ledger invoices of the company are settled.

With business funding, the business sells its revenue stream that will be received by future credit card receipts against the business. The process starts by evaluation of sales from credit cards for a given period of time and a certain portion of this amount is paid to the owner as cash advance. The lender receives the money from those sales after they are made.

In both of these cases, there is a fee involved depending on the amount of cash advance which is charged by the lender. Depending upon the terms of the agreement, fee amount and other costs vary accordingly. The rate of interests depends on the level of risk and flexibility offered from the funding group.

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Drones Offer Journalists a Wider View


Unstaffed aerial systems largely developed for the military are increasingly being used for journalism.    

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Nov. 24 – An Israeli enterprise says it has developed technology that will boost global crop yields without relying on genetic modification. The company says it can replicate natural processes in its laboratories to produce bigger, stronger plants and hopes to have seeds ready for sale within three years. Tara Cleary reports.

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John C. Malone, the chairman of Liberty Media, is working behind the scenes to gain control of Time Warner Cable, seeking a second act in an industry he once dominated.    

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Bitcoin is not alone. The virtual universe has spawned a few dozen alternatives, with varying reserves, computer mining requirements and privacy.    

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Bloomberg faces newsroom layoffs, a shift in emphasis back to financial news and skepticism from the business side that investigative journalism might not be worth the potential problems it could create for terminal sales.    

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A technology boom, while beneficial to San Francisco, is causing resentment among longtime residents, many of whom are being forced out.    

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Business Merchant Cash Advance Information Here! + More News: Israeli firm says growth technology to produce bigger, stronger crops + MORE 11/25/2013

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